Friday, July 1, 2011

Coz' I am a gypsy??? Am I one?

I am here to write. To pour my heart out. I might write rubbish, maybe nothing and maybe everything I feel (which of course will only include the feelings I do not mind you reading). I will express love, cherish fond memories, talk about the ones I have accepted, openly fight with the ones I am yet to accept and cease questioning.

Thought July 1st is a nice day for a new beginning! :P
For all those of you who are wondering what is so special about the day...please note - there is nothing special about it. We just picked a date. Oh yes, 'we'. The other element that belongs to 'we' and who help me make up tat word 'we' is Tina. A close friend...or better still, a soulmate. More about her later.

This is just the beginning. Miles to go before I even feel 'I have got there'.

Bye for now. Will get back. I know I want to. I just need to feel an equally strong 'need' to.

Love you guys.
~ A gPsY

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