Sunday, June 23, 2013

10 Day Challenge - Day Six

Where did my original Day 6 post go? I've been hunting, but in vain.

Looks like I've lost it...So, here I am typing it out again.
And this comes up as the first post, in the wrong order :P

Five foods...

I am so not a foodie! But I love cooking and feeding others..
So, my take on five foods will be the five dishes I enjoy cooking. Cooking is therapautic for me.

1. Brewing Chai - I could never live without chai and brewing it for myself at least once in a day. Drinking chai is alike a ritual for me. Silence, space, chai and me...

2. Baking - Aah! This is such a recent favourite, but looks it will remain so forever. Baking cakes and breads...I have only tried bread once and it was so good. My home smelt beautiful...Baking cakes are my favourite. It turns out my daughter and I, enjoy baking together!

3. Making Chapathi and dal - Making chapathi helps me feel normal. Atta, onions, tomatoes, the mess involved...all of if helps me feel normal.

4. Making desserts - Custard, jelly, puddings, payasam...all of it.!

5.  Making sambar - I've noticed, the smell of sambar makes me happy. I wonder why though. Even as I typed this out!??


10 Day Challenge - Day Nine

Two songs…

Yet again, I can’t name just two songs.

The ones that come to my mind instantly, right now, are Sun raha hain na from Ashiqui 2 and Re Kabira from Yeh Jawani Hain Diwani.

I loved the pain, the emotion, the need, desperation in that song from Ashiqui 2. The mail rendering that is. Recently, I had this chat with a close friend of mine and I kept telling him wah wah. He said, he’ll listen to it and still couldn’t figure what was so great about it. And then we realised, he was listening to the female voice and me to the male one. So, yes! The male one is definitely better.

And Re Kabira – I just relate to it so much, at this point in time. The one to follow his dreams leaving behind everything else. His need to do it. The fact that he cannot let go off his dreams and heart’s voice. No matter what he has to face. How many of us can be him? How many of us listen to our hearts and fight for it??

I connect with the emotions the singer exhibits through his/her voice and the lyrics...

I could listen to these songs in a loop for day together!


10 Day Challenge - Day Eight

Oh yes! I had all of this typed out over a few days and now I post them all together!

Three films.

Yet again, another tough one.

But, I am not giving up.  Let me try. Am sure this one will not be a true true list, coz I savor movies just for the moment and most often, it passes by me. 

1.      Asthitva: Saw this one a long time ago. With Tabu as a protagonist, I just looked up to the character she played. The rawness her character oozed…that’s reality.
2.      Kai Po Che: I recently saw this movie and fell in love with it. The characters were so natural…beautiful music and definitely a beautiful movie than the book itself.
3.      Ashiqui 2: Went for this one recently, just for the music and I fell in love with the characters, the story, the music and came out of the movie hall smiling. Feeling time worth spent. 

Does this sound good? Lame? Ok ok?

R :)

10 Day Challenge - Day Seven

Ok, I did not fare too well on this. But am getting back on the train. So, here it goes: Four books This is a very very tough one. As I cannot pick just four from the whole lot I’ve read so far… But, such instances are necessary, I reckon. To be able to select, prioritize in life. So, here I try: 1. The Bhagawat Gita: Yes, this is the book that has changed my outlook to life. Started reading this when I was in 8th standard, I reckon. Then, it was simply a habit. To read it alongside, when we chanted our prayers once the diya was lit in the evening. Slowly, I went on to read the meanings listed below the versus. Again, it became a habit. And then, I cannot pin point exactly when it began affecting me, influencing me. But today, I know – whatever I am, is majorly as a result of that book. Am glad to be influenced. If you have the time and inclination, read it. At the least once. With the meaning in a language you understand. 2. The Zahir: Aah, this one was a savior. A book by one of my favorite authors – Paulo Coelho. I bought this book from a roadside vendor, during the darkest phase of my life. I just needed something to read and picked it up. And yet again, this companion told me a story. A story of love. Unconditional love. To let go. And it helped me let go. 3. The Kite Runner: A well-written, well-told story. With multiple layers of emotions flowing and a very important, yet skirted subject dealt with. I could never forget this book. 4. Dr. Brian Weiss’s books: Again, I met Weiss through his books, during the darkest days of my life. One book down, I went and got another book of his. And then the third. And fourth and it never ended, until the books did. He introduced me to a life after death. To my soul. To the journey of my soul. It was a deep subject, but I found peace in it. And find peace until this day. Cheers R