Saturday, July 16, 2011

"Bebasi Jurm Hai...Hausla Jurm Hai..."

Something I typed out some time ago...reposting it here:

"Bebasi Jurm Hai...Hausla Jurm Hai..."

If both weakness and determination is a crime...then, what isn't?
What about strength? Is strength a crime? Not in my world atleast...but I've heard n read quite a bit - words that try hard to prove, minds that struggle to prove that strength is a crime.

Heard of honour killing?
In a way, it's better not heard - but if you've kinda overheard it, you wouldn't be able to chuck it and walk now, you've just read this out here!
So - what do you think is honour killing? Yeah! Right...Killing in the name of honour...restoration of honour thru crime! Amazing isn't it? isn't much to worry about...
Coz it's just about taking life to restore a "FAMILY's"'s just about father or brother strangling the daughter/sister to death...or better still burning her alive, coz she loved someone...coz they suspected she loved someone...coz she did somethin that brought shame unto them...

Am happy in my my world honour isn't about takin's about giving it away...
Life doesn't begin n end with honour...but it sustains through humanity.

Will write more about this soon...need to get bak to work for now...

N yeah...just got t remians of those it goes:

"Ae sanam tere baare mein kuch sooch kar,
Apne baare mein kuch soochna jurm hai;
Bebasi jurm hai...hausla jurm hai..."


Can't really remember when I last scribbled a poem...
But this one, I did scribble and it always remained in my heart.

Here it goes:

Jannath, mauth ki duniya mein nahin hotha…
Jannath, mauth ki duniya mein nahin hotha…
Humaare rooh ki mauth se pehle hi…jannath hotha hai.

Hum tum kya doond nikaalenge jannath ko?
Hum tum kya doond nikaalenge jannath ko?
Woh jannath jo hum mein khud kho gaya hai…

Mujhe aaj laga hai ki,
Jannath oopar hi nahin…neeche bhi hotha hai…
Neeche mere pairon mein bhi jannath hai.
Ajeeb sa khayaal hai, par sache dil se keh rahi hoon…
Mere ghunguroo ki har thadap se,
Mera jannath mere kareeb aatha hai…


Friday, July 1, 2011

Coz' I am a gypsy??? Am I one?

I am here to write. To pour my heart out. I might write rubbish, maybe nothing and maybe everything I feel (which of course will only include the feelings I do not mind you reading). I will express love, cherish fond memories, talk about the ones I have accepted, openly fight with the ones I am yet to accept and cease questioning.

Thought July 1st is a nice day for a new beginning! :P
For all those of you who are wondering what is so special about the day...please note - there is nothing special about it. We just picked a date. Oh yes, 'we'. The other element that belongs to 'we' and who help me make up tat word 'we' is Tina. A close friend...or better still, a soulmate. More about her later.

This is just the beginning. Miles to go before I even feel 'I have got there'.

Bye for now. Will get back. I know I want to. I just need to feel an equally strong 'need' to.

Love you guys.
~ A gPsY