Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My one wish that came true and gave me immense joy....

I did not have a wish. I thought I did.

I went in search of true love.
I lost myself in that search. In that journey.
I did not get to the end of that journey. I did not realise the destination.

But yes. Half way through, I realised I was lost.
I was not even alone. To be alone, I needed to have myself.
But I did not. I had lost myself too.

I searched for me and found a chance.

Today, my marriage is that chance.

I was so new to me. Just as he was to me.
I was so different.
The me was so hurt that I lost her somewhere along that journey.
I gave us a chance. I and myself. Him and I.
To try, and live together.

My man is the wish that came true.
My man lets me live with myself. He respects us. He loves us. He accepts us.
He knows we need that space. He knows I can feel lonely, but, not lost.
I thought I wished for true love alone.
But today, I know - I wished for something I did not want to wish for.

I wished for happiness and acceptance. And love came along.
I wished for freedom and he came along.
I wished for an anchor and his love came along.

Today, I read to me, I dance for me, I play with me and I talk to me .
Today, I will not get lost.
He would never let me. And neither would I let go off myself.
A wish I never wished for.
I now know.
He is my destination and I am the journey.
He is that one wish that came true...
And brought me joy by helping me meet myself.

P.S: Preeti Shenoy, thanks for helping me write this.


  1. Beautiful composition! Nice take on the prompt:)

  2. really good composition..
    I would really appreciate it if you read my recently begun blog..I have only just started writing and felt that some good comments are required to improve my writing..hope you will read and comment