Sunday, September 8, 2013

Happy birthday, K.

Coming a little late...late by a week...thanks to all the technical glitches...
But better late than never.

This one’s for someone who loves me beyond my hopes and dreams.

It was your birthday yesterday and we did not get to celebrate it together. That is definitely sad. But it’s fine too. Coz I know you’ve been happy. And that’s what matters to me.

You have taught me a lot of things in the last five years we’ve been together. One of them being every day is a day to be in love. When I started off, anniversaries, birthdays, valentine’s days used to mean so much to me. Not being able to celebrate them with romance all around, saddened me. But you help me unlearn that lesson. You taught me being in love is more than celebrating a few days in a year. You taught me being together is about celebrating every possible day together…a few quality hours together.

When we met, decided to tie the knot – I was a very different person. I had a baggage. I was a little unsure about myself. But again, your respect for and trust in me, made me a better person.
We are poles apart. We had barely anything in common. But over the years, we’ve become good friends. As I always think and tell my friends…you are my anchor. You are the thread and I am the kite. You let me fly. You let me soar high and get a better view of things. And I do so, with a trust that I am in your hands. That you’d pull me back if I enter the danger zone. If my curiosity takes me to not-so-nice-lands.

I am a loud person, I think so at least…I talk a lot. Actually cannot shut up most of the times. And you are this quiet soul whom I could make no head or tail of, in the first few months of our marriage. I just did not understand how someone can be this quiet and calm and composed! It took me a while to understand we’ve been wired differently. To the benefit of our relationship. You let me talk. You let me talk my heart out. You listen. And that means a lot to me. I wonder what would’ve happened if both of us kept talking with no one to hear!

With you, I do not have to pretend. With you, I can get upset, sulk, be happy, crazy and be a true Gemini. And you handle all of that with such grace that am so in love with you. Your subtlety…I love it now. Your honesty, am in awe of it.

You have helped me unlearn a lot of lessons from the past. And you have turned me into a much better person in my own eyes (if not in front of others). You gave me my wings of freedom. You believe in me and stand by me. I am a wife, a daughter-in-law and a mother (three roles more from what I played five years ago), yet I feel free. And that’s only coz of you.

You deserve beautiful days, especially birthdays. I hope to gift you beautiful days always. You deserve happiness and peace.

They say, a woman’s most treasured ornament is her man’s love. You are truly my most precious ornament. You make my soul peaceful and happy.

Happy birthday, Kiran. Love you.


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  1. beautifully like you

    no explainable reasons but while reading this i was reminded of a demi roussos song " my friend the wind"

    maybe 'coz your thoughts flow so effortlessly like the wind, maybe 'coz this song has a gypsy lilt to it....maybe.....maybe....darn! all i want to say is i love reading your posts....