Monday, February 25, 2013

10-Day Challenge - Day One

Nice, bright Monday morning.

And I have chosen to take on a ten-day challenge. Hoping, it will keep me writing ;)

So, here’s the first topic.
Ten secrets.

Aah, a forum to document my secrets, eh? Yes, will do this. As I grow, I realize there is really no need of too many secrets. So, let me try this.

1. I hope to write and publish a book – Aah! This is long-time wish…

2. I hate doing the dishes – For the past few years, I enjoy cooking. Much of an accomplishment for a lady who was a lazy teenager. However, I hate touching the dishes in the sink.

3. Sometime, I wonder if I have gained weight – This is a very mild scenario though. Now, and then I wonder if I have gained weight. But then, I soon get over the worry.

4. I can make people feel guilty and hope that the earth swallows them – Aah, talk about my fury! I have come to learn something about myself in the past few years. I can forgive, but I do not forget. That is just the way I am wired. So, if someone pushes me to the corner, I can just line up the past and you’d wanna run from the face of the earth!

5. I have a gypsy soul – Yes. Really. I mean this. I wonder how I am living in a house with my hubby and daughter over-powering the need for change and new experiences. I mean, I love them. They are my life. But there is a part of me that needs constant new experience.

6. I want to be a performer – Read dance. I simply love dance. Being up on a stage gives me a high. I do not drink but I can imagine how ‘high’ feels! So, yes – I hope to get back on stage one day.

7. I am in love with McFlurry (Oreo) – Discovery of Mc Flurry – an iconic event of my life! Need I say more?

8. I am in love with Istanbul, a place I have never been to – Yes. Never seen the place. But I am in love. And I think, thanks to Elif Shafak.

9. I want to have four children, but will settle two – Ssshhh…infact I’d have many more, if I had the money . I do not want to bring them on and not be able to provide them. So, yes. Two children and we should be able to do a good job of it.

10. I am slowly beginning to not make mountain efforts to keep in touch with friends who do not make much effort. And yes, one more… - This is a sad lesson I learnt. Sad, I feel. But I need to de-clutter. As we de-clutter wardrobes, cabinets – I feel I need to de-clutter my space too. So, for those who cannot make the effort – I assume you are happy and I let you be.

11. I love making friends from the virtual world. All my previous e-friendships have been nice ones. – Oh yes! When a few fear e-friendships, I absolutely love them. A random talk with a stranger in a public chat room. Being able to share some far-flung thoughts and feelings, without being judged or sans the fear of any after effects…it is nice sometimes. Though it has been almost 10 years since I’ve done this now!

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