Wednesday, February 27, 2013

10 Day Challenge - Day Two

So, yes – day two.

This time I write about my nine loves.

Nine loves of my life (currently)

1. Family. My family does not really refer to blood relations. The definition of family for me includes those
people who accept me as I am and whom I enjoy spending time with. My immediate blood-related family, husband, daughter, in-laws, cousins and friends.
2. Smell of books. Especially old ones from second-hand book store.
3. Book shops. Kinda continuing from the earlier one, I love to be in a book stall. Those few moments, I spend looking through the books, trying to select one, reading their blurbs…they make me happy. Like, as in, bliss.
4. Cooking, baking. From someone who never entered the kitchen to even place an used glass/plate in the sink, to being someone who enjoys cooking is a remarkable change. Today, I love trying new recipes, experimenting with baking and much more. Am just glad I found another element of life that keeps me happy.

5. McFlurry...McFlurry...McFlurry....
6. Dancing. Dancing transports me to another world. The inner one, I mean. Grooving to music and tapping my feet comes as part of my body functioning, I guess. And I love it!
7. The love for self. Yes, I love myself. I take care of myself first before I can do the same for someone else. I learnt this lesson the hard way. And quite late in life. But am glad I did. Better late than never. So, today – I know, only if I am happy can I keep others truly happy and love them whole heartedly. Yes, I can go about doing my chores as a daughter, sister, wife and mother without being happy myself. But I’d never be true about it. My soul wouldn’t be in it.
8. Communicating. Talking. Writing. I just need to do this to be able to live. I cannot even exist without these, I guess.
9. Smell of the earth after the first shower of rain….aah! Isn’t that just bliss??
So, now for the next topic. Tomorrow, maybe? Or day after?
:) Keep smiling.

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